Friday, June 18, 2010

Beijing to Yun Tai Mountain

If you have a car and want to drive out of Beijing to spend your weekend, Yun Tai Mountain in Henan province will be a good choice, which is one of the national AAAAA tour spots and national geological parks. It takes about 7 to 8 hours' driving from Beijing to the mountain. If you are afraid of long time driving, you can also go there as our following suggested itinerary.

Mt. Yun Tai National Geological Park, Henan Province
Taking train from Beijing to Jiaozuo directly, and there are two trains available: one is 2163 09:06/18:33 at the cost of CNY103.00 for the hard sleeper ticket and CNY162.00 for the soft sleeper; the other one is K183 13:13/22:40, the hard sleeper train charge is CNY175.00, while the soft sleeper is CNY264.00. The long-distance buses are also available from Beijing bus station, but the ticket charge is much higher. Since the train arrives at Jiaozuo in the evening, you will have to stay one night here. To save your time to find a hotel, you may contact 86-391-7709551 or 86-013083679884 in advance. This is the contact phone number of the hotel near the site. Yun Tai Mountain Scenic Resort is a matured tourist spot and the hotels and restaurants are well developed. It's easy for you to find good accommodation there.
In the second day's morning, you may take bus No. 3 to Fangzhuang, and then take taxi to Yuntai Mountain directly. Buy the one-for-all ticket at the entrance and the ticket charge is CNY180.00 net, and the transfer fee within the site is CNY60.00 per person, this is for all of the different sites within this scenery spot, the ticket is valid for two days only and each site can only be visited once. If you want to stay one or two more days, you need to buy a new ticket. When visiting, please hold your ticket well since it will be rechecked at each site.
After getting your tickets, get to the boarding place for the tourist bus (these buses are all arranged by the site itself, and the latest one is available at 18:00), they are available inside the entrance, the first stop is Red Stone Canyon. There are many small scenic spots within this canyon, and you can visit your interested ones respectively, such as Nine Dragons Stream, You Waterfall, etc. Then continue your visit to the Cornel Peak. You may visit the statue of Wang Wei, a famous Tang poet in ancient China. At the foot of the mountain, you may appreciate its grandness and majesty. If you are more interested in climbing, you can have a try since there are still several scenic spots on the mountain, such as Heavenly Bridge and Cloud Ladder. Overlooking from the mountain peak, you may find the Yellow River just like a silver belt. Stay overnight inside the site (attention: there is no cable car available here and if you are not a good climber, we suggest you only overlook the peak and visit other sites instead).

Mt. Yun Tai Scenic Spots, Jiaozuo City
In the third day's morning, get down from the mountain and visit the Yun Tai Waterfall, which is the highest in the state with the drop in level of 314m. It resembles to the skyscraping pillar. Then to the Xiao Zhai Gou Canyon, where with a spring in every 3 steps, a waterfall in every 5 steps, a pond in every 10 steps, the suggested visiting time is two to three hours.
Due to your limited time, we are afraid you will have no time to visit other sites, after lunch and a short break, you may need to catch your train back to your city. If your time schedule is really flexible, you can stay here one day longer to appreciate and explore this heavenly place deeply.

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